Privacy Policy

Knowing how to protect the privacy of our clients / suppliers is crucial in order to offer true commercial perspective to those who use the internet and fundamental to allow a business relationship based on reciprocal trust.

The present privacy policy was formulated by Pressafe S.r.l. in order to underline its dedication to protecting the privacy rights of all those who chose Pressafe products / services or who contribute to the manufacturing of these. This policy details Pressafe’ processing of personal data.

The present privacy policy applies to both software products and consulting services as well as operative websites and platforms managed by our Company.

It is possible that some Pressafe entities, programs and/or websites, may choose to apply their own privacy policy which may differ from the current policy. We therefore encourage all customer / suppliers to read the privacy policy applicable to applications / Pressafe websites visited or examined and all information provided on its programs.

Significant features of the Privacy Policy

Pressafe protection policy is in accordance with the principles and standards currently in force concerning the treatment of sensitive personal data. These principles include warnings about use, destination of use, access, integrity, safety and the passing on of data, as well as the relative rules for implementation and supervision. Our activities are always carried out in compliance with privacy regulations.


All those who make use of Pressafe products / services give their consent to the collection and use of information, as described below. Potential modifications to the present policy shall be published on the corporate Pressafe website ( , so as to guarantee the maximum transparency regarding information collected and its intended use. In certain circumstances and in accordance with the requirements in force, for the processing of information gathered by our products / services or provided voluntarily by the client, a request for consent will be submitted.

Personal Information collection and use

In order to improve the level of service provided and to understand better the needs and interests of our clients / suppliers, Pressafe gathers, exports and makes use of personal data and after having obtained the necessary consent from the user, and to comply with any reporting obligations provided by the Authorities.

The use of our software / website / landing page may result in the registration of the user’s IP address and the use of cookies and other internet technology (hereinafter referred to as Means of Automation) to gather information on the characteristics of generic users and their use of the application. The technologies used and the data collected are described in further detail below.

Pressafe reserves the right to gather and develop any data or information provided voluntarily by the user / client / supplier, e.g. in the registration phase of an event, subscription to a newsletter, participation in online market research, discussion groups or forums, etc.


Intended use and destination of the data collected

Pressafe gathers data and information in order to understand the needs and interests of its clients with the objective of proposing applications structured according to the specific interests expressed. This information will be used solely and exclusively in accordance with the terms and conditions provided in this privacy policy and/or with the terms and conditions expressly indicated at the time of acquisition.

Pressafe works to not modify the agreed use without the express consent of the client / supplier, as is expected by the applicable laws. The personal data gathered can be used, amongst others:

  • To process orders and deliver products and services ordered by clients;
  • To inform clients/suppliers about new products, software updates, software upgrades, security patches, system enhancement, special offers and other information / promotions. These communications may occasionally include information regarding third party products / services from high technology and Pressafe business partners which can add to the value of Pressafe services / products already used by the client;
  • To pitch the information provided on products and services according to the specific interests of the customer / supplier. In this way, when visiting the website or the landing page of products, the user will be guided to the information regarding products and services of potential interest;
  • To create personal profile areas and visualize the protected content;
  • To conduct online “Conference Calls” or similar;
  • To provide technical assistance;
  • To train our staff so as to ensure that the Client’s experience is of the highest quality, both in terms of the level of information provided and the level of interaction received;
  • To enable us to interact with clients / suppliers in order to supply all the necessary delivery and billing information, as well as to evaluate the feedback given regarding products and services, and offer assistance where necessary;
  • To offer promotional or marketing activities. In such circumstances it is possible to gather personal data for the scope of managing these campaigns;
  • To conduct market research surveys and propose questionnaires in order to improve our products and services for our customers. The compilation of such surveys is always voluntary;
  • To fulfill contractual obligations.

IP addresses

IP addresses are used for the diagnosis of malfunctions and for server administration. IP addresses, or other data such as user information entered and shared in the Pressafe applications or supplied in other circumstances such as a campaign code, can be used in order to determine which pages of our site are visited most often and which are of interest to a particular user, with the scope of providing information appertaining to products and services of direct interest. This data is aggregated by Pressafe in anonymous form and is by no means related to a specific user, except in the case in which the latter has given his or her express consent. When a user visits our website, we are informed only of the user’s name and domain.

Pressafe may also collect IP addresses (and other technical information such as type of browser) during a Conference Call / Server Terminal session activated by the user. This information is gathered at the moment of connection to the Pressafe site and allows us to identify the session, supply content based on the technical capacity of the browser used by the user and to perform quality checks. The user’s IP address shall never be used to identify personal details without prior consent. Pressafe will only collect information related to the visit to the Pressafe website and relative landing pages of the products. Pressafe does not follow or collect personal information related to visits to third party sites or other entities / organizations that are not part of Pressafe S.r.l.

Automation Instruments

In addition to the information provided by the client / supplier, Pressafe reserves the right to gather data during a user’s visit to a Pressafe website using automation tools which include Web Beacon, Cookies, Web-Link nesting or other tools generally used to collect data. These tools collect certain standard information which the browser sends to our website, such as the type of browser, the language, access times and address of the website used to guide the user to the Pressafe website. The use of such tools allows the confirmation of receipt of emails sent to a recipient who has authorized the transaction and allows you to keep track of other data, such as the number of pages visited or if the user has registered or not for a Pressafe event, or other information which makes no reference to a particular individual.

Nested links

In emails sent from Pressafe, references are often nested for directing the user to an area of interest on the internet, an action which entails a redirection through the Pressafe server. The redirection system allows Pressafe to modify the destination URL of said links, if necessary, and to evaluate the efficiency of our marketing initiatives.

In emails, these links can also inform Pressafe if the recipient has clicked on the link suggested in the email, and the data for this interaction can be traced to the personal identity of the user. If you prefer not to inform Pressafe of the selected links, it is necessary to refrain from clicking on the links incorporated in the emails sent from Pressafe to the user.


Pressafe used cookies in order to personalize content, to avoid the necessity of having to endlessly re-enter a password and to adapt the suggested information to suit the needs and interests of the user.

Email addresses

Those who voluntarily offer their email address will receive email communication from Pressafe. We do not share supplied email addresses with operators who are not part of the Pressafe partners conglomerate. It is possible to unsubscribe from Pressafe emails at any moment. It should be noted that the user may have configured electronic mail in a way that its data is automatically transmitted when sending an email to Pressafe. The need to supply a Pressafe user’s registration data to another service provider may arise if the user chooses to register to third party offers.

The sharing of user information

All data voluntarily supplied by a client / supplier or otherwise collected by one of our websites are protected by privacy laws and adhere to the principles of protection of personal information described in this policy.

Pressafe Company Partners may use data in order to elaborate requests and orders from clients, to improve products and services offered by Pressafe and for data processing and archiving.

Pressafe reserves the right to share such information with its business partners, dealers, and third party agents and contractors, in order to offer a requested service or transaction, including the processing of orders, the processing of operative requests, the hosting of website and web servers, the organization of events and the registration at conferences, and with the scope of supplying technical assistance to clientele or provide information regarding products and services which may be of interest.

Pressafe limits the volume of personal data disclosed to third party suppliers to the minimum necessary in order for them to offer the service on behalf of Pressafe. Such third parties are not authorized to use the personal data disclosed to them for any scope other than for the carrying out of the service or transaction entrusted to them.

Personal data supplied to Pressafe will not be disclosed or passed on to third parties for marketing purposes unless the client / supplier has given their express consent to do so.

Pressafe reserves the right to disclose personally identifiable information or other information collected regarding the clientele as response to a summons or court order necessary for legal proceedings. Pressafe also reserves the authority to claim or exercise its rights in accordance with the Law or in its defense in a court of law.

If, in certain circumstances and for strategic or commercial reasons, Pressafe should decide to sell, acquire, merge or reorganize its activities, in compliance with the applicable regulations, such operations could result in the disclosure of personal information to current or potential suppliers. Pressafe shall always strive to obtain the maximum protection of data during such operations.

Pressafe may collect and possibly share personal data and other information in its possession to carry out investigations, prevent or take legal action, in cases of suspected fraud, in situations which present a potential risk to the safety of an individual, when the Pressafe Terms & Conditions have been violated or in any other circumstance required by the law.

During the navigation of the Pressafe website the user may be redirected to contents or features which are managed by third-party hosting and not by  This applies particularly in the case of special events including competitions and conferences. If the information is gathered exclusively for Pressafe the website, a reference to the relevant Pressafe privacy policy will be presented and it shall be this which governs the use of the information. If the website is not one of those governed by the Pressafe privacy policy, a reference to the privacy policy and its respective responsibility of the said website will be shown. It is routine practice for Pressafe to ask such suppliers and business partners to manage any data and information collected in a way which is compatible to that in the Pressafe privacy policy.

Security of User Personal Information

The protection of our users’ personal information is of great importance to Pressafe. Pressafe uses a combination of security technology based on industry standards, procedures and organizational measures for the improvement of the protection of personal information from unauthorized access, use or unauthorized publications.

In order to guarantee the online safety of user data, Pressafe has chosen the secure-server technology. All Pressafe websites and server are equipped with latest generation instruments and features so as to prevent or obstruct violation. The obligation to protect the rights to privacy and confidentiality of the users’ personal information is extended to all our employees.

Use of Software for remote assistance

Pressafe website provided the possibility to download programs which allow a remote desktop connection to the client’s computer (e.g. TeamViewer). These programs enable the transfer of files to and from the client’s PC. When the software has been downloaded and started, the ID for the user’s PC is generated for access. The program can be used to activate a video conference. When the assistance required has been provided and the use of the program has terminated, the user closes the program (which remains in the download area) and therefore the connection.

Connection to other websites

The website may contain links to other websites. Pressafe is exempt from any responsibility for the privacy policy or content of sites which do not belong to Pressafe S.r.l.

Freedom of choice / Opt-out

Those who have signed up for our products / services will be contacted on a regular basis via email or telephone, or to reply to complaints or to investigate suspicious behavior. We reserve the right to use email addresses supplied by clients / suppliers to send warning, to send information regarding modifications to our products and services, and circulate communications or other information prescribed by the law. Communications will usually be informative rather than promotional and are sent regardless of the expressed will of the user.

It is possible for users to unsubscribe from the service of notification when communications have the scope of providing information about new services or products offered; clients can also specify their preference to not pass on personal information to third-parties. To unsubscribe, contact

Retention of Personal Information

Pressafe does not retain the personal data of users beyond the necessary period to fulfill the original purpose, or as required by the applicable laws and regulations.

Privacy of Children

Pressafe does not knowingly or intentionally collect, use or disclose personal information from children under the age of 13. If it becomes clear that personal information of a minor under 13 has been collected, they will be immediately deleted from the servers.

Requests for information, accessing and updating client/supplier personal information

Pressafe relies on the help of its clients / suppliers to keep records of personal information accurate and up-to-date. If you are a registered user, you can check (and update if necessary) your profile sending an email to

For further information regarding this current privacy policy or to check your personal data in our possession, please contact

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